Denis Potenza

Felix Ensamble

When I needed a string section to develop my projects, I wasn’t looking for a chamber orchestra. I was looking for professionals ready to go beyond the classical dimension, willing to experiment and with the right energy to meet ambitious challenges. I didn’t know yet, but the truth is that what I was looking for already existed, and was called Felix Ensamble. Their project was born some years before, by the visionary initiative of the musicians Francesco Nicolaci and Tancredi Celestre (our Tank).

Inspired by various meetings with street musicians in Great Britain, France and Germany, they had thought of a musical project that, in addition to the great classics of music of all times, also included pieces from the pop repertoire rearranged for a string section, improvisations and original songs. Shortly afterwards, the people of Turin, walking through the streets of the center during the weekend, could enjoy fresh and engaging entertainment. I think our city needed it.

Today Felix Ensemble is a dynamic group that in addition to coloring our streets, performs in events and concerts throughout Italy and abroad. It was great to find in these professionals not only the technical skills, but also the humility, the availability and the enthusiasm that are the basis for every successful project.

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