Denis Potenza


I love being moved by feelings and emotions, and I love reaching people through emotions. I love being guided by inspiration, instilling my energy into every single note and frame of my productions, whether when writing a new song or  reinventing a song I love. I’m glad to be living this process together with extraordinary artists sharing with me my vision of art. Every time, It is pure magic.”

My name is Denis Potenza,

I live in Turin, the city where I was was born and where I feel I belong. I was born with a strong need to communicate and create. Art has always been the norm in my family, and I’ve learned to use it to express myself, to let out all those sides of me that couldn’t be expressed in other ways. During my teenage years I studied guitar and music theory privately, experimenting rock, pop, blues, progressive and classical compositions. Wherever my studies took me, I couldn’t help but write down new ideas. Despite being mainly a guitarist, my expressive needs led me to become  arranger and lyricist in various projects, both live and studio. In 2013 I took an artistic research journey , arisen from a profound obsession with successful melodies. This research led me to found project ARYA, publishing two singles and a full album between 2014 and 2015. Within this project I moved my first steps in the world of video productions, taking care of direction and editing. In 2016 my first videoclip “Invincibile” placed second in the national contest Talent Factory. Project ARYA broke up before recording the second album, but was crucial for the consolidation of my  guitar and musical personality in general, whose peculiar traits became the search for primordial, ethnic elements, epic instrumental sections, musical moments of great emotional impact. During the same years, I started working as a professional arranger, composing on a commission basis for various songwriters of the area of Turin.

In 2018 I opened my Youtube channel, undertaking a new dynamic cooperative project, still active now, in which every production involved a team, specifically sorted to give the best possible  interpretation of an arrangement.

The succession of collaborations has led me to set up a team of independent artists, connected in closed synergy. As a result of this extraordinary synergy, our version of Africa by Toto was born, gathering attention on the Web and reaching almost One Million views on Youtube. Me and my Team are currently working on several new productions, to be released over the next few months